Feel the Pain

Today I am not in a Christmas mood,therefore I refuse to play any Christmas themed music…Today’s song pick is Feel the Pain by Dinasour Jr http://www.dinosaurjr.com/home/. When I was obsessed with Nirvana throughout my teenage years, I happened to know a lot about them including which bands they were inspired by. Dinosaur Jr. was one of them..I just realized it has been years since I have listened to their tunes. J. Mascis has a distinct way of relaxing me with his soothing voice.

I was desperately trying to find their CD’s in Istanbul back about 12 years ago. As Dinosaur Jr. was not widely known in Eurasia, I always thought that if I go to the States everyone would know them. However, it was a huge disappointment! Dinosaur Jr. aside, very few people even knew about Nirvana..I feel like grunge-indie music lovers in Turkey follow American bands more closely than Americans..

What do you think about this band?

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