By Serenat Kivilcim

Today’s song pick is by 123, my recent discovery. 123 consists of extraordinarily talented musicans such as Dilara Sakpınar (vocals, synth), Feryin Kaya(bass guitar) ,Berke Can Ozcan (drums, percussion), Arda Erboz (guitars, trombone), and Seçil Kuran (vibraphone, percussion), all hailing from Turkey.

The band released their first album “aksel” , which tells a story about a boy, Aksel, and his relationship with an owl and a whale. In May 2010, the band released an ep “stereo love”, and subsequently another album, “arve”, as a continuation of the Aksel story was released.Their last album, “Lara”, was released in 2012. İlhan Erşahin, a well-rounded Swedish-Turkish musician, dazzles with his saxophone in the song “Sun in the arms of love.”

123 played with two symphony orchestras conducted by Ender sakpinar, the father of the bewitching lead singer Dilara. Now we know where she got the genes! But it goes without saying that all the band members are equally musically gifted.

The band has toured throughout many countries, and hopefully they will bless the States with their music and presence in the near future! I hope they will hear my voice through this post and see that we WANT their groovy tunes in America.

This world class band has touched me in many ways!


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