Life is a beautiful sport!

Lacoste, the official outfitter of the French Olympic team, has launched a very inspirational motion visual,“The Big Leap”, for their “Life is a Beautiful Sport” Campaign. Paul Hamy and Anna Brewster star in the video, which revolves around a man attempting to kiss a beautiful girl in a cafe. He is determined to take all necessary risks in pursuit of his goal, with adrenaline rush at its peak. The two marvelously depict the chemistry between them; a beautiful portrayal of a metaphoric sense of freefall. Well done the BETC Paris.

Needless to say the soundtrack by Flume Remix of “You & Me” is as good as the video.

From your first steps, to your first race.
From your first scream, to your first speech.
From your first heartbeat, to your first kiss.
From your first discovery, to your first adventure.
From your first flip, to your first big leap in life.
From your first victory on a clay court, to your bended knee before your true love.


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