Skinny Downers

Skinny Downers

By Serenat Kivilcim

Dean O’Sullivan, born in Waterford, Ireland, is a Berlin based dark-wave artist, working under the guise of Skinny Downers – See Here – .

After playing in an array of bands such as BL_CK R_B_TS , Percolator, Dormiphonics and Dinosaur Petshop, Dean decided to create his own feel by working in his own distinct touch to  thrive with and against the repetitive rhythms of modern music, and out of the dust, unique songs started to form.

In 2012 Dean moved to Berlin in hopes of finding inspiration and a wider perspective. He says the move was inspiring yet it hindered his motivation at times. He goes on to say that “the music is an exploration of the self, music for people who take the time to listen.”

The ten- track album, Sleeper Cell, which is recorded, mixed and mastered by Skinny Downers, was published in April, 2014. The album is very dark-wavy and genuine, which probably reflects the past 2 years Dean spent abroad pushing the limits of the unknown!  Within another one of his albums, “Devil Speak”, you can find a rhythmical gem on the 8th track of this album, which has an intriguing video to go along with it.

Please support this young musician by sharing his music with people who you think might like it! He really is a joy to the ears!

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