Zachary Friederich

Zachary Friederich

is a songwriter currently based in Chicago, Illinois. Zachary grew up playing in punk bands in Saint Louis, while also spending time in Nashville and Seattle. Upon asking Friederich about his journey, he had the following to say: “Along the way I’ve collected a group of musicians with whom I frequently collaborate. The main being my lovely wife, Kate DeToye, who sings backing vocals on almost all of my songs. I’ve been doing the DIY songwriter thing for the last couple of years, releasing my music through Soundcloud.”

“As for my songs, I’ve written a lot of them about a lot of different things. I do spend a lot of time on the lyrics and I like to tell stories. A lot of them are about unusual characters in extraordinary situations; from a woman who set the Guinness record for crying to a young girl with poison skin, from a man who leaves flood ravaged Saint Louis only to die in the Chicago Fire to the story of my grandparents falling in love during World War II, from the sinking of Lovejoy’s printing press to the building of the Gateway Arch, nothing is off limits. Hopefully, in telling these character’s stories I can hit on something truthful. I’ve been lucky to have some songs featured in film and television.”
The Chicago singer-songwriter usually leans toward the folk or soft indie rock genre, however, there’s a track for almost every mood and taste, as Friederich’s repertoire can expand and explore different persuasions from pop to rock to folk.

Mary Cigarettes” has a fun Bob Dylan ring to it, right down to the way he sings/talks his way through a story about a girl he knew when he was younger. There is no shortage of experimentation in Friederich’s musical construction, making him a ‘can’t miss’, and I very much recommend his music to anyone in the mood for an interesting, soft and soothing feel that will leave you craving more. So, check him out. The Friederich experience is only one click away!


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