Lily and Madeleine

“Lily and Madeleine”

A folk pop duo from Indianapolis, Indiana, consists of 2 sisters, [link]  Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz. The duo released the self-titled album “Lily and Madeleine” via Asthmatic Kitty Records in October, 2013. The album’s single, “Come to Me”, directed by Tyler Jones, has received over 300 thousand clicks on YouTube.

A few years ago, the sisters uploaded their acoustic covers of Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, and First Aid Kit to YouTube and the videos piqued the attention of producer Paul Maher, who subsequently signed the sisters to his label and put them on a path to fame.

This talented duo’s music reminds me of Bon Iver, as you can feel the youth, elegance and fragility in their voices, achieving a magnificent harmony, as the older sister, Madeleine, sings with a pixie like smooth voice and Lily sprinkles on her own edgy rock melancholic voice that leaves you quivering with emotion and anticipation.

At an early age, the sisters started playing piano, with their musically inclined mother teaching them to sing and instructing them on musical theory. They discovered the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Shawn Colvin, and indie rock through the curiosity and passion of youth, which played a major part in influencing the sisters to pursue a musical path.

Despite being so young (Madeiline 19, and Lily 17 respectively), the duo’s lyrics exhibit an extraordinary manner of maturity unlike their musical peers, as Madeleine professes about life as a teenager being underrated, and also about assorted problems that adults face, making their music relatable to any age group. I predict that these young ladies and their music will be well known in the future, as their creative lyrics and sweet melodies will definitely warm your hearts.


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