Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

By Serenat Kivilcim

Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas,[link] a Detroit-based quartet, consists of Jessica Hernandez (vocals, guitar, keys, & percussion), Michael Krygier (guitar), Steve Lehane (bass), Taylor Pierson (keys), John Raleeh (trombone) and Stephen Stetson (drums.) The lead role of the band is Jessica Hernandez, a singer-songwriter, who was surrounded with Mexican and Cuban family members while growing up in West Bloomfield, which had a big musical impact on Hernandez. She defines herself as a band geek, as she grew up singing in choirs while in elementary school, and was also involved in theatre activities in high school. She worked at her family’s bakery until 2008 when she decided to practice music full-time.

In September 2009, the band played their very first show at Detroit’s popular Dally In The Alley festival, and at that time the Deltas was formed. The name “the Deltas” derives from a green ‘87 Delta car that the drummer used to drive, and the band decided to go with “Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas” as their full name.

Jessica’s musical range is very broad by virtue of her intriguing and exploratory nature. As she embraces different genres of music including R&B, heavy rock, punk, and gypsy style, the band is dynamic and funky in an eclectic kind of way. You can hear gypsy style stringed instruments coupled with soul and R&B, which generates impeccable texture.

Fernandez remarks that she is trying to make music that will make people feel happy and gloomy at the same time as a peek into her personality reveals the peculiarity of a bubbly yet dark persona. Her music is deeply soulful, and you can really feel her passion through her meaningful lyrics and robustly enchanting voice.

One of their best tracks, “Demons” , showcases  a great combination of  the two instrument ,trombone and  the bass guitar paired with Fernandez’s powerful voice. “Caught Up” and ” In the City” are a joy to listen to.

Their debut album – Secret Evil – will be released on August 19th!


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