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Phil Mison

Phil Mison [Link] is a London-based DJ, composer and producer, who releases his work under the name “Cantoma”. His very first album, “Cantoma”, was released in 2003, which was followed by another album, “Out of Town”, in 2010. Phil’s 3rd album was just recently released in June, 2014.

Phil Mison started his career in the early nineties, performing at London’s Milk Bar, where he met DJ Padilla, his main influence, which led them to a two year stint at Ibiza’s Café Del Mar.
Mison released his first compilation “Original Chill Out” in 1995, which combined a beatless, mood-friendly approach to mixing electronic music. Since then he has gone onto release a further 15 compilations.

Phil Mison also continues to DJ around the world, making stops in such venues as 39 hotel in Hawaii, Green Sunset in São Paulo, Music for Dancers in Los Angeles, and Ku De Ta in Bali. His music incorporates flamenco, dub, Balearic rhythms and asian influences and convenes international musicians, including Pathaan, Tanja Thulau, Silvana Malta, Tony Sayer, and the Spanish Choir from Istanbul.Phil’s sophisticated chill-out feel takes you on a magical journey to an exotic dreamland, with his relaxing, downtempo, and laid back tracks. So, position your lounge chair and pour yourself a cocktail and prepare to be lulled to your happy place. Check out “Etoile”, one of my favorite Cantoma tracks!

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