Great Skies – Coconut Dreams

Great Skies

By Melvin Benson

Matt Wells, the kind of guy to prepare for a formal meeting by dry cleaning and pressing his best shirt. He’ll show up bright and early at the office and find himself a little tired, so he’ll take a nice break leaning against a nearby wall. To his surprise, it’ll be soaked in white paint, ruining his hard work. These are the comical moments that influence producer Great Skies as he weaves together sound to send a message in the cleanest bottle you’ll ever find. Sometimes the stress of work needs to make room for a little error, and it’s in his music that most people find room to breathe.

Great Skies brings a different element to the table in each track he produces, and Coconut Dreams is just as original as each artifact he puts on the web. Coming in months after its initial conception, you can hear his improvement in each tone from his first EP Summer Moments, which only took a week to create.

As if to keep alive what they had back when ‘Drowning’ originally hit the internet at full force, Great Skies welcomes fellow British artist Context to step into the playing field. His rustic vibes shake your bones as he raises the curtains to reality. For its short length, it still packs a punch and gets the blood flowing for an adventure of music.

‘Don’t Want U’ presents classic Great Skies with chimes and low tunes, but with a touch of dance. Headphones required, as the soundscape begs for your undivided attention. CDHR and Separated meet in the center creating a nostalgic feel of home life, taking you way back to a time where adulthood was closer than one expected. Separated then takes the flow and slows it down enough for you to really focus on those memories, giving a new lens for you to look at them.

Other artists featured in the EP include Jordan James on Be Yours – played on BBC 1xtra – as well as CoMa in the finale track ‘Running’ which boasts the most plays on his Soundcloud.

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