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Thomas Dybdahl is a rising folk singer and songwriter from Sandnes, Norway. He released his 6th album, “What’s Left Is Forever”, via Strange Cargo / Virgin Records on September 26, 2013 with collaborative help from renowned musician and producer Larry Klein. The album received positive critical acclaim and popularity, while a mounting fan base in Europe and North America aims to put Dybdahl on the musical map for good.

Dybdahl is also the lead singer in The National Bank, which consists of band members from Jaga Jazzist and BigBang. He recorded the vocals on a few tracks for British trip-hop band Morcheeba on their album “Dive Deep”, which was released in 2008. Thomas is a multi-faceted instrumentalist, expertly performing everything from piano, mandolin, and percussion to harp. Needless to say, his distinctive voice coupled with folkie melodies and soulful lyrics is captivating.

Although he is most often compared to Nick Drake, I feel like his style emulates more that of Tim Buckley and Bon Iver with his folky and jazzy feels, sounding at times like an incorrigible romantic. He feels that he has taken an eclectic approach to his music, drawing inspiration from numerous classical and non-classical musicians, such as Mozart, Tim Buckley, Serge Gainsbourg, as he states in an interview . That being said, the diverse foundations of his music attract audiences from all over the world.

Upon listening to “But We Did”, I felt soothed, refreshed, and relaxed, as if I had finally gotten that cool glass of water on a hot day. So, I guess you could say that his songs, in deed, are a refreshing glass of ice water, or perhaps the serum to your ailing stresses, if you will. I was entranced in the melody, as it caught me from the beginning and didn’t let go until it gently fades out, and I was left motionless in its soothing and gentle wake. I think you all will be satisfied if a classic moody feel is what you desire!

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