Ty Segall – Manipulator

By Gia Vescovi-Chiordi

If music was high school, Ty Segall [link] would be the guy who skated through any endeavor swimmingly. The guy who’s casually involved in everything with a zest that isn’t overzealous, but fervent nonetheless. That guy everybody loves. Don’t you want to be that guy?

Notoriously prolific psyche rocker, vocalist and musical time-traveler, Ty Segall has presented his latest effort – Manipulator – (Drag City Records), his most robust crack yet. Known for churning out albums with an unusually quick turn around, ‘Manipulator’ has the advantage of a month long consideration, furnishing us with a somewhat cleaner and fervidly full bodied product. A polished paragon of gauzy old school psyche mixed with subtle strings and searingly indulgent guitar riffs, ‘Manipulator’ fires on all cylinders from start to finish, with a little something included for everybody.

From the ride in on the cushy, 60’s soaked title track through to the delicately string steeped closer ‘Stick Around’, the entire album is a sweeping breach in time, gorgeously arranged and executed phenomenally. Combining the best ideals of 90’s alternative and 70’s exuberance layered over a 60’s psyche backbone with generously peppered glam, elements of enjoyment exist for everybody. This album is an equal rights employer – whether it’s the first thing you’ve ever encountered or an innumerable addition to your Segall scrapbook, the record is a weighty gift.

‘Tall Man, Skinny Lady’ presents an oozy, dreamlike scrape of a track that delivers the right amount of movement to put the listener in motion. The falsetto croons interspersed with quick bursts of exhalation over a jittery guitar solo and cheekily measured cadence is just too sweltering to snub. ‘The Faker’ brings heavy harmonies and guitar alike, with a steady build-up and pay off liaison that delivers enormous glam vibes without any of the mess. As an album where every track shines as an individual standout that has been formulated into a cohesive consequence of sound, each track is worth attention.

Glimpses of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Bowie shine through and feed the perpetual motion machine that is Ty Segall. If you plucked a day clean out of the mid-seventies and swapped ‘Manipulator’ into the hands of an eager adolescent they might never notice. Officially released on August 26th and begging to be turned up as loud as humanly possible, ‘Manipulator’ is easily the swan song of the summer.

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01. Manipulator
02. Tall Man, Skinny Lady
03. The Singer
04. It’s Over
05. Feel
06. The Faker
07. The Clock
08. Green Belly
09. Connection Man
10. Mister Main
11. The Hand
12. Susie Thumb
13. Don’t You Want To Know? (Sue)
14. The Crawler
15. Who’s Producing You?
16. The Feels
17. Stick Around

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