By Melvin Benson 

For those born in the 90’s, bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit really defined our early lives in High School (or so we thought.) Imilia is a Miami native band which really grabs ahold of LP’s and LB’s sound, scripting it a little differently to bring something fresh to a genre that seems all but forgotten.

Johnytiger and Charlie comprise the members of Imilia, constructing the harsh meld of electronic and metal to send you a powerful grime you didn’t know you needed. Their most listened to track, Mendacity, gives us a taste of what to expect from these young artists. What started as a haunting tone with a looming energy, finally culminates into an explosive chorus where guitar and computer really take the stage.

Their most recent release, STEREO, takes a break from their usual loud drive. Its emphasis on vocals isn’t lost either, as it hosts what I believe to be their best lyrics so far. With each track getting exponentially better for this artist, I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for them in the future!

In fact, Imilia is in the process of finishing up a mixtape (You heard it right, a rock band is working on a mixtape!) Johnytiger says it’s coming along wonderfully, and he hopes fans are eagerly watching their feeds for updates on tracks. Who knows, maybe they’ll drop a track or two before hand?

Below is the music video for their track Favorite//Disease, an excellent track with a music video fitting for an obscure genre.

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