Sarah Donner – This is a Pegasus

Sarah Donner – This is a Pegasus

By Kat DaVille

If Marianne Faithful and Bob Dylan had a daughter, she would be Sarah Donner [link]. In her 6th studio release, This is a Pegasus appears to promote itself as a reflection piece, bearing its soul on thoughts on the past while using subjective observations on poignant life moments. Her song writing is playful, while at times direct and perhaps even too straightforward. The play on words she uses in songs like “Let Him Go” reveal Sarah Sarah Donner as an opinionated, but factual, songstress who is not afraid of sharing her thoughts and bearing her soul to her listeners.

However, if you dive deeper into her happy-go-lucky persona, there lies a pensive and complicated soul. Songs like “Perspective” summarize the album in its entirety. She tackles the complexities of relationships, intimate and otherwise, and clairvoyantly describes the crumbling and ultimate decimation of what was most likely something both parties had heavily invested.

I believe her experiences influence the direction of her vocal style. Throughout the album, her astute vocalizations reveals her mischievous side while maintaining clever and catchy chorus lines. Even though she fits the mold of the pinnacle singer/songwriter, Sarah Donner manipulates the normalities and forms them in her own fashion. It’s not hard to pick out a tall, elegant woman with pink hair and cat on her shoulder out of the usual singer/songwriter suspects. That, dear friends, is what makes her unique.

Highlights: Check out “Barely Breathing” and “Seine” while you’re cruising through these tracks.

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