Allah Las – Worship the Sun

Allah Las – Worship the Sun

By Gia Vescovi-Chiordi

Finally, finally. Another cog has fallen into the psyche music machine that’s been sweeping through the end of summer, and it’s surf soaked revivalist rockers Allah-Las [link]  this time that have me excited. The follow-up to their splendidly sixties drenched 2012 self titled debut is dubbed Worship the Sun, out 9/16 via Innovative Leisure. I love a good jaunt back in time, don’t you?

(Most) of the members of Allah-Las met while working at the Los Angeles branch of the historic Amoeba Records. It’s almost too hip – but still a dreamy fable that fits the folklore of the band nicely. Together they refined a cohesive old school sound, boasting elements of West Coast garage rock, vintage summer sensibility and a smattering of Latin percussion and folk. Keeping on the same track as their debut, Worship the Sun focuses on a continued honing of what makes the Allah-las exceptional. The amiably pensive lyrics and hazy vocals pair easily with jangly guitars and subtle percussion. They even throw in a Sun-dappled instrumental ode (Ferus Gallery) that’s prototypical of the era the Allah-Las hearken back to. The usual influences are all there, The Byrds, The Zombies, Felt – and though they’re not breaking any barriers, sometimes a solid, textural homage is all you need.

It’s difficult to isolate an effort from the kitschy, middling garage rock that’s been making the rounds as of late. But when it’s done right, it’s evident. Here’s why I like it: These guys take up a mantle and handle it deftly, creating a sound that balloons and ripples through time, where so many others have clumsily constructed a half-hearted attempt at legitimacy. Admittedly Worship the Sun won’t fit the bill for every occasion, but its’ gloriously golden sound is there when you need it. It’s good. Give it a listen.

Worship the Sun Tracklist:
01. De Vida Voz
02. Had It All
03. Artifact
04. Ferus Gallery
05. Recurring
06. Nothing to Hide
07. Buffalo Nickel
08. Follow You Down
09. 501-415
10. Yemeni Jade
11. Worship the Sun
12. Better Than Mine
13. No Werewolf *
14. Every Girl *

* = Included on digital and CD only

Stream Worship the Sun:

Had It All Video:

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