Interview with Jolley Brothers

Jolley Brothers

By Trystan Rose

Virginia has produced a fair share of famous artists, and with the electronic music scene taking off in Richmond, Norfolk, and Newport News, the area looks to be on the verge of creating another. Chris and Matt Jolley, 27, are identical twins from Suffolk, Virginia, and after working construction, formed the The Jolley Brothers. Their sound covers a broad spectrum, mixing influences from Hollywood Undead to LMFAO, blending hip-hop, dubstep, and trap music into a unique sound that has attracted the attention of major labels such as Cash Money Records. Part of their rapid rise is their regional festival, the GlowShow. Promising !00,000 watts of bass, the show is a extravaganza complete with candy, glow sticks, multiple DJs, water balloons, and the sort of mayhem one would expect from a Steve Aoki show, with their recent throwing of the party selling out the NorVa, a 1,500 max capacity venue, for a record breaking third time. However, with national fame comes public access to private life, and every opportunity to make it brings the possibility of greater failure in front of a larger audience. An example of this came during the Jolley Brother’s audition for the eight season of “America’s Got Talent, “ where they were voted off by every judge in the audition round and sent home. Such a misstep can ruin a career, but the Jolley Brothers have continued, releasing a string of tracks featuring such heavyweights as Lex Luger, Rock 2 Def, Yung Kris, and Ivy League, and appear poised to move from regional to national fame. I recently had the opportunity to throw a small party in my apartment with Matt Jolley and ask a few questions about food, music, faith, and motivation.


So Matt, I have to ask, what, like, if you could go back in time and redo a few things, decisions you could you make differently, what would it be?

MJ: There’s a bunch I would redo, but every failure is still a win, because you learn something from it

Okay, i can respect that. Now, as a chef, I have to ask, stupid question as it is, what’s your favorite dish?

MJ: I mean, I like Fettuccini Alfredo.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life?

Fettuccini Alfredo

Chicken, no chicken? You like it grilled?

MJ: Shrimp with chicken, i like grilled chicken. I like crispy too, but in my fettuccini, grilled.

Okay, okay. So you are having a good time?

MJ: Yeah man, yeah

Good vibes?

MJ: Good vibes man, hey look, if it’s not about good vibes, it’s not about s***. The realest s*** I have ever learned, is from a guy named Hugo Diaz.

Tell me about Hugo.

MJ: He’s from Miami, he’s a producer, good producer, but we linked up with him, he taught me it’s all about the vibes. You can’t do anything, I mean construction, i don’t care if it’s music, I don’t care if it’s being a doctor, if it’s not about the vibes, it’s not about anything. Good vibes make good business. Not only does it make good business, it makes good everything

That’s right, it’s always about honesty.

MJ: Right, stop the bulls***, but like I said, good vibes make are everything, and if it’s a bad vibe, it isn’t for you.

Cut it out of your life, right?

MJ: Right, if you feel it’s a wrong vibe, or a wrong environment, step away. If it’s a good vibe, if it works, go for it, because you’ll be good.

Right, right. What’s your stance on religion?

MJ: I’m a firm believer of God and Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian, I don’t go to church, I never go to church. I go to church in my shower, that’s my sanctuary.

 I get that, I feel like the same way, that you can get your religion anywhere.

MJ: Exactly. You ever listen to Hopsin?

Yes, Ill Mind 5, right?

MJ: Not five, the new one, Ill Mind 7.

 The one with the video in the desert? I listened to it last night.

MJ: Yeah, that one. I love that song because it really……speaks upon the real humanity, the way it is now, like, it’s different, and it’s like me explains it perfectly, Ill Mind 7, love it. I’m trying to do a track with Hopsin.


MJ: Yeah, in like the next four months, mark my words.

Okay, I can see it. I checked out the website, saw the biography, saw the picture with Cash Money, saw you and Chris (Jolley) with Slim.

MJ: Yeah, Slim, Slim’s cool man.

It looked pretty chill, saw the photo album, and I just have to ask: What do you feel your future is?

MJ: The way I look at it, I see me and my brother, doing out own s***, continuing out Glow Shows, and here’s the thing, record deals are great, and I also feel like what Chris and I have is strong enough, that we can take it to the next level. We have partners that believe in us, and either way, we want to keep doing it for the fans, doing it for the supporters, doing it for us, for my kid…

You have a kid? That’s real man.

MJ: Yeah, and he’s…….that’s who we do it for.

I can feel that, I heard a quote by a DJ floating around somewhere, can’t remember where, but he said “If you’re out playing, and you only do it to cash a check at the end of the night, you’re wasting my time, and you’re wasting your time”.

MJ: Look, I look at it like this, you gotta have a passion for it, if it becomes all about…I mean, it is a business, but it’s not about the dollars, it’s about working your a** off and deserving it, but you gotta have, if you don’t have a passion, or a love for it, it’s not…it’s just not for you. Like, somebody who works at…wherever, wants to cut hair, that’s what they want to do, that’s why they’re successful, because they want to do it.

That’s so true. You wake up in the morning, you love what you do.

MJ: Right, right..

Like, this is your career, you ARE a musician, and it could be anything, it could be stupid, it could be great, whatever, you love it, you love it.

MJ: And there are days where you’re like “Oh S***”, but it comes with the territory, if it’s all messed up, screw it, who cares, but at the end of the day, it’s all about passion, motivation, and dedication, like, if it’s not there, find something else, pick something else that motivates you, makes you dedicated, pushes you to take it to the next level.

If you have to do it every day, the do what you love, that’s what makes you happy.

MJ: I mean, do what you’re good at too, straight up. If you’re good at math, if you’re good at playing cards, screw it, go to Vegas, play cards, make a ton of money, do what you love.

Awesome. I appreciate it, thank you.

MJ: No problem.

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