By Lendsey C.

When I think of alternative indie folk Phox is what pops in my head. With lead singer Monica Martin singing milky soft lullabies it’s a wonder their music isn’t completely forbidden from listening to on anything other than a lazy (or productive!) Sunday afternoon.

They hail from Baraboo, Wisconsin where the winters are long and known to get Arctic but their music seems to warm you up inside. With songs like “Laura (Oh, Girl)”, “Kingfisher”, and “Slow Motion” you’ll feel as if you’re being transported into a secret world that only your headphones have the key to.

The six piece band strings together folky banjo riffs, testy trumpets, soft flutes, and Martin’s gifted sultry voice like it’s made to fit perfectly together. That might have a little to do with the fact that they are completely made up of a group of local friends formed in 2011 when one member decided to write music and asked the others to join in. What was born appears to be a sound worthy of more than a second or even third listen. Jason Krunnfusz, Monica Martin, Matthew Holmen, Zach Johnston, Matteo Roberts, Davey Roberts craft tunes that range from knee bopping to swooning songs that get stuck in your head like love poems. I wholly believe it is their friendship that makes the music sound just that much more inviting. If you’re not usually a fan of the new wave of alternative folk, let Phox be the exception to the rule. If nothing else their appearances at Lollapalooza and the iTunes Festival will speak for themselves, this band is going places.

Phox describes themselves as a “gaggle of goofy wizards” on their Bandcamp page and while I wouldn’t call them goofy their music is definitely spellbinding.

Check out their newly released self-titled album Phox.

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