By Melvin Benson

Shinya Mizoguchi [link] produces a myriad of tracks under the stage name starRo, blending elements from Bossa Nova, Soul, Trap, and many other genres to create unique and memorable songs. Born in Tokyo, he now resides in Los Angeles, California, releasing tracks on his Soundcloud and through the independent label “Soulection”. His December 2013 “White Label EP” release reached over 200,000 plays in less than a month, and still never ceases to impress newcomers as it works its way around Soundcloud.

Each track stands separate from the rest, as if he’s spending his time creating an entirely new entity with different thought patterns, hobbies, and talents, yet it still has that starRo feel that listeners keep coming back to. His most recent track, “California”, was premiered on Soulection’s Radio Show #178 nearly 2 months ago. Countless listeners left comments asking where the track was, earning itself a reputation before starRo even dropped the track. It’s now been on his Soundcloud for 3 days and has racked a whopping 58,000 listens, still rising.

Fans of foreign music will enjoy his remix of Yumi Shizukusa’s “I Don’t Love You”. I’ve always found it amazing how music does an excellent job of translating the messages of foreign lyrics. Having listened to many other artists from across the seas, all it takes is the talent of a musician to express himself. The lyrics they choose are merely the icing on the cake, and that cake is just starting to bake. Shinya is constantly showing off new tracks on Soulection’s Radio Shows, releasing tracks on his Soundcloud, and touring US/Canada and Asia consistently. You may even see him show off some of his moves!

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