The Ransom Collective

The Ransom Collective

By Lane Levesque

The Ransom Collective [link] is yet another phenomenal folk band, this time originating from Manila, Philippines. The group was only very recently formed in late August of 2013, and since then have already garnered an impressive list of accolades under their belt. Pulling their inspiration from the likes of City and Color, Mumford and Sons, and The Lumineers; The Ransom Collective has launched their first EP, the self-titled The Ransom Collective.

Included in this album are 5 amazing folk tracks that will consume your music taste over the next few days. I, myself, have had these folks on repeat for three days now. It’s no wonder their debut EP was listed by their local indie music blog – Vandals on the Wall as one of the most anticipated EP’s of 2014. But enough of about their already impressive, early career. You want to hear about the album!

The first track of the album is Fools, opening with a beautiful chorus and leading into a fast-paced acoustic melody likened to more positive re-imagining of M&S’s Little Lion Man. Throughout the song (as well as the entire album), lead vocalist Kian Ransom energizes the whole vibe with his phenomenal voice and will inspire you to sing to that shower head louder than you’ve ever sung before.

Closely following Fools is another even more delicious track, Images. Trying to describe the feeling you get from listening to just the first two tracks is nigh-impossible. The most accurate way to describe it would be to point out that this is the song I would pick if tasked to a montage of my life’s most fulfilling moments. Images takes everything that was great about Fools and improves it tenfold, from the perfectly timed full-group-chorus lines to the incredible violin performed by Muriel Gonzales.

Hither is the band’s take on a slower, more powerful song. The type of song where only the sound of the amazing violin would be enough to tug on your heartstrings, but it also happens to be accompanied by the Kian & Lily duo, who deliver an amazing vocal performance throughout the entire track. Once you find yourself this deep into the album, you’ll be wondering why this band hasn’t already topped the charts.

Following Hither are two songs which only continue the trend of the previous three, which is to keep creating beautiful music and taking full advantage of each member’s skill. Run and Outro/Remarks are both great songs that fit well with the feel of the album, although my one caveat would be the choice of vocals in Outro/Remarks, the final song. The band decided on auto-tuning the vocals so far into the wild that it sounds as though their words are being spoken through electricity, while under water. But if you can get past that admittedly large issue, the rest of the song shines through its instrumentals.

Overall, The Ransom Collective is an album that I urge you to listen to if you have ever enjoyed even one folk song. You may be missing out otherwise.

Closing note; the band’s latest single Waterproof released just a few weeks ago is up for sale with all proceeds being donated to the typhoon relief effort in the Philippines. Find the link on their soundcloud page!


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