Tied for Last

Tied for Last

By Kat DaVille

I’ll admit it freely: I love all types of music. Although I favor other genres more than others, I always seem to come back to my roots: Punk. I don’t agree with the direction it’s taken in recent years, however I can’t help but take pride in how it’s inspired others to go against the norm and be true to oneself. Every musician who has the courage to get on stage and pour their heart out in front of an audience that might either enjoy their music or throw raw vegetables gets serious props for doing what most people won’t on their best day. My personal heroes in both the written word and in music found their roots in Punk.

This week’s special refreshingly represents such a sentiment. A band of misunderstood miscreants called Tied For Last [link] consists of a handsome rockabiliy looking front man (complete with Elvis Presley microphone), a strong man guitarist who’s size equals his playing style, a bubbly and entertaining female bass player and her husband on drums – an individual who’s performance rounds out this visibly tight and talented group beautifully. What I enjoy most about this group is how much fun they have, not only playing together, but playing for whomever listens. With songs like “Hi Honey I’m Home (You’re Gonna Die)” and “Blood Tuesday,” you’re easily in for a good time… I promise.


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