By Rose Leh

Upon hearing Habitats (link) for the first time, I was amusingly surprised. The London-based four-person group has got a twist in their music style, which they describe as tropical groove.Even though they’ve only got two songs officially released, they most definitely have their foot in the door for greater things ahead.

The single Diamond Days boasts a happy, mellow beat. If I’m not mistaken they have some similarities with bands The 1975 as well as The Neighbourhood, but Habitats differs in that their music leans toward, oddly enough, an old-timey sound. Props to them for putting out a new, easy on the ears kind of melody!

Their most recent single makes me smile, and I’m not sure why. Is that weird? I’m a sucker for a song with distinctive vocals and a head-bopping beat, and Peace of Mind is the epitome of that. Overall, both songs have great intros that pull you in, they’re fun, and they’ve got a likable quality in the lyrics.

If you still aren’t convinced to give Habitats a listen, I might as well include what the band has to say about themselves: “we are an unspecific mixture of genres which ultimately blend into the personality of our own unique style” (according to their Youtube channel, HABITATSmusic). How fancy is that?

Fingers crossed that they record an album and go on tour, but for now, Diamond Days and Peace of Mind will be more than enough.

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