Erlend Øye

Erlend Øye

By Denise Beltran

Erlend Øye has released a new album with Icelandic reggae band Hjálmar called Legao. The album was released on October 3rd. The album title of Legao is actually pronounced “legal” and is actually a Portuguese word meaning great or cool.

The best part about “Legao” is that it has both reggae sounds and the sound that has made Øye known. The album has nice harmonies that make the album very relaxing to listen to and incorporates an organ, nicely timed percussions and some synth. “Legao” is a combination of rhythms that Erlend has explored on his own and with Kings of Convenience. The album still makes listeners want to dance to the indie tracks on it as well as taking on a calm atmosphere with the reggae tracks. The many reggae songs on the album are “Fence Me In”, “Say Goodbye” “Pong Peng” “Whistler” and “Lies Become Part of Who You Are”. “Lies Become Part of Who You Are” and “Garota” are songs that stand out because they sound more like Øye’s previous work, The White Boy Alive. There is a music video out for the song “Garota” that was shot and directed by Michael Beech in Seoul, South Korea. “You say that life is long you took the words out of my mind, life is long and the world is small, our paths will cross some other time” our some of the lyrics from “Garota”. Overall Erlend Øye has released another stimulating album that is pleasing to the ears.

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