Ryan Aderréy

Ryan Aderréy

By Harriet Kaplan

Singer/songwriter Ryan Aderréy (link) just found out “A Miracle, My Love,” his single on Top 40 pop Billboard Indicator chart, has been nominated in the alternative category for a Hollywood Music In Media Award.

“If you would have asked a year ago, I was in the verge of giving up,” Aderréy explained. “If you would have said you will be on Billboard charts, above all your favorite artists, I would have said you are crazy. I feel really good about it now, but I’m trying to stay humble.”

This nomination is the culmination of hard work that began 10 years ago when Aderréworked as a producer, and in the last two years, followed his heart and what he calls his passion as an artist, forgoing a more stable career as a writer utilizing his Bachelor’s Degree in print journalism from Boston University.  Aderréy also gave up playing soccer professionally overseas.  Both former pursuits helped Aderréy lay the groundwork and foundation for being a solo artist.

“I was playing professionally overseas in Amsterdam and I was only one of three Americans,”

Aderréy explained.” “You’re always being watched and under the microscope. When the game came around, there was 10-15,000 people in the crowd, so that got me really prepared. I feel now, the bigger the crowd, the better. I’m not nervous and I’m ready to go. So soccer did that for me.

 “Going back and reflecting on those courses I minored in at college, they did separate me from the pack of singer/songwriters out there,” Aderréy said. “I studied some of the greatest Irish poets that have ever lived. I can draw on that for inspiration. I think that gives you an edge. Our writing is so personal and very deep. Our songs start out as poems and prose. Then it’s converted to song form. It’s like an onion, if you peel that layer back, you see a little something extra you don’t see in other songs.

“I grew up listening to Jackson Browne. Also Santana. The Beatles, obviously. They all influenced me and planted a seed in me but I didn’t know it at the time.

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