Brogan Bentley

Brogan Bentley

By Lendsey C.

Last year was the Chinese zodiac Year of the black Snake. It was a year meant for steady progress and attention to detail and that’s exactly what Brogan Bentley’s new album The Snake recorded during that year promises to bring.

Back in 2012 you may remember the artist brought us his self-titled cassette (how’s that for retro!). The album put him on the map as a hypnotic, rhythmist expressing himself via oracular vocals compromised of wet whispers and soothing murmurs sandwiched between fetching low bass beats.

Now the San Francisco producer, writer, and singer has brought his debut full length album to light and wraps it nicely with a bow in symbolism. That symbol being the snake of course. It starts with the album name and serpentines on through the album with songs and sounds that slink over you encasing you in electro beats and footwork then ends with the release date of November 11th. A date which Bentley has stated is a palindrome that mimics the serpent.

If this is his dysecdysis for something new Bentley has found a skin that suits him nicely.

Preview the track “Smoke”

Track List for The Snake:
01. The Difference
02. Dawn
03. No Less
04. Heal
05. Last Light
06. What If I Fall
07. Secret Strength
08. The Wolf
09. Smoke
10. Give Myself To You
11. St. John
12. Goodbye

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