A Different Side of Grimes

A Different Side of Grimes

By Marie Webster

Imagine being in Times Square at three in the morning. The billboards are flashing and the city is empty except for you. It would be eerie but strangely interesting.

That is how the music of Grimes (link) can be described; it is at once eerie, spooky, and beautiful. Grimes describes herself on her blog as a “surrealist yuppie, urban faery, … ” Needless to say, her music and personality reflect one another.

Upon listening to Grimes’s album Visions one can immediately detect her unique style of vocals and beats. Her music is composed of so many working parts that seeing her sit down and play it all on a synthesizer feels other worldly. The airy high pitched vocals and electro-pop sounds are each an important element of her signature musical style. Go to YouTube and search “Grimes performance” and you will not only hear but also see the magic she creates.

Grimes continues to produce fabulous music. She recently released a single, Go, that is unlike anything she has produced before. This song is the type that would end up on the Top 20, which is not a surprise given that Grimes wrote the song for Rihanna. It is unique because it is missing the ethereal quality characteristic of most of her music that makes you feel as if you have entered another world. However, the song maintains her usual high pitched voices, which reminds listeners of her familiar style. The song was written and recorded with artist Blood Diamonds. Saying only a few words in the song, however, he takes second seat to Grimes. As soon as the song begins you realize that this is something new for Grimes. She stays true to her sound while navigating through the field of pop. The lyrics in Go are simple and not clipped together, which is how Grimes usually sings. Furthermore, early in the song there is a heavy baseline reminiscent of many of today’s hit songs. Grimes has stated before that she is influenced by Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Drake, and the influence of each of these artists is evident in this dark, dance inducing hit. The song goes on to repeat itself and stick with the same style and lyrics. This differs from Grimes’s album Visions, where a song’s rhythm and tune often change frequently. “Go” isn’t as layered as Grimes’s usual songs. Since she did however write the song for Rihanna it’s to be expected that it is different than her usual style. Listeners will just have to wait and see if Grimes is perusing a new sound or if this is just a one time thing.

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