Milky Chance

Milky Chance

By Rose Leh

Germany’s pop/folk/rock group, Milky Chance (link), boasts a gravelly perfection of vocals. Hailing from Kassel, Germany, band members Philipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein met in an advanced music class and have worked together to create a combination of folktronica and pop music ever since. Their first official single, Stolen Dance, skyrocketed on the charts and found widespread popularity across the US as well as Germany and other surrounding European countries.

Their debut studio album, entitled Sadnecessary, contains an impressive collection of songs that prove just how one-of-a-kind they truly are. Some notable tracks include Flashed Junk Mind, which depicts an interpretational love story, and Down by the River. The latter has got the stereotypical tenderness of a romantic ballad with lyrics like, “Down by the river, I was drawn by your grace / Into tempest of oblivion and to the lovers’ place”.

The complete track list is as follows:

Flash Junk Mind
Feathery (slow version)
Down by the River
Sweet Sun
Stolen Dance
Loveland (studio version)
Feathery (bonus track)
Loveland (bonus track)

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