By Lendsey C.

A self-taught musician and songwriter Fable, only 19, hails from Brighton, UK. Her haunting voice rings through her new album Parasite, released October 13th, in the most eerie of ways.

She describes her persona as a character but when you listen to tracks like “I Speak Words” it feels as if you’re getting a glimpse into whom she really is. Many of the tracks are her deal with human psychology and our imperfections as humans. This is why lyrically I was charmed with her craft for weaving memorable hooks while telling a story with a gothic sound and electronic overtones. Fable says she strives to stand out from the crowd and says to expect a lack of restraint on the new album. She wants to be known for her sound not the amount of skin she shows.

If you are looking for just a collective of singles this isn’t the album for you. Parasite takes you on a portentous journey from start to finish with some tracks topping the 9 minute mark like “Fragile”. To be honest it does feel like your ears have just run a marathon after listening to it with its recurrent snapping sound, Fable’s beckoning, and the electro static in between it all. This is something that I noticed on many of her tracks, if you just close your eyes and listen carefully you will notice there’s a lot going on without it feeling cluttered and contrived.

Not convinced she could be Lorde’s dark counterpart? Check out this “progressive electronic rock, with a touch of the theatrics” over on SoundCloud where she gained 5,000 hits in just 48 hours to give your ears something festive to revel in.

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