Toro y Moi

Toro y Moi

By Denise Beltran

Toro y Moi (link) is the stage name of Chazwick Bradley Bundick who is a South Carolina native. Toro y Moi is most notably recognized as
being part of the rise of the chillwave music movement in 2010 and 2011 although his sound has since evolved. For those of you who don’t know what chillwave music is, it’s a genre of music that is characterized by its heavy use of synthesizers, sampling, effects processing, and filtered vocals. Often described as summer music it incorporated 2000s indies trends and 80s music with modern electro pop music.

Toro y Moi released “My Touch” in 2009 and all songs are Nujabes tribute songs . “Such Bad Handling” is a track that stands out with its hypnotizing synths that sound like an old game boy. Most tracks on “My Touch” are less than 3 minutes long with the only exception being “Movements”. The self-titled track “My Touch” also stands out on its own with its dreamy synth sound and “Master of None” is a cover of the original song by Beach House.

Toro y Moi’s “My Touch” album soothes the mind providing that one is the right mood for it and is something that can be listened to while alone. The music can occupy your mind while your thoughts wander.

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