The Zombie Mafia

The Zombie Mafia

By Kat DaVille

Zombies – walking creatures dead on arrival eager to slowly feast on your brains.

Mafia – a conglomerate of “businessmen” who conduct their “business” through criminal activity and death.

Combine them both and we get: a walking dead conglomerate of “businessmen-esque” creatures who conduct
their “business” through criminal activity and death.

Or… we get one of NJ’s best horror punk bands around.

The Zombie Mafia (link) are a force to be reckoned with in the Horror-Punk scene. They open for the Misfits every Halloween and, I promise, they just keep getting better and better. Since their inception in early 2007, they have released steady albums while maintaining a semi-consistent lineup.

Aside from being a swell bunch of fellas, their marketing methods are very creative. My favorite slogan of theirs is “Join the Family.” Any fan of Mario Puzo or Francis Ford Coppola will get the joke.

Their songs follow the punk fundamentals of groove, style and musicianship. Each song has catchy hooks and gang vocals – two things I LOVE – while introducing the apprehensive listener into their twisted, bloody world. Their current album, The Bloodening, possesses fantastic gems like “Tombs” among others. Catchy and witty, it demands you to join in on the horrific fun. However, what I enjoy most about this band is how much fun they have performing and involving the crowd. Even while singing about terrible situations drenched in blood, death, and gore, they express it with a giant smile on each of their faces. Therefore, they equate their lyrical content with sick humor. Awesome.

What I find personally fascinating about horror punk, in general, are the pop culture exploits that inspire their material. Like the Misfits, most groups take their cues from under-rated B movies and slasher flicks. However, as generations evolve and tastes change, the underground horror culture dives deeper, like a cavernous hole in the ground with no floor in sight. The horrible and gory displays on the screen appear to feed our desire to constantly push our own personal envelopes in order to realize how much horror one person can take. Thusly, our taboo sense of what we should see and what we shouldn’t see melts away from black and white, and slowly fades to grey.

But, calm down; most of these movies are just down right campy. If you decide to see these movies (like Planet 9 from Outer Space or Astro Zombies), you can literally see the strings and the scotch tape and lack of profitable funding. It’s either a gigantic waste of time or the most fun you’ll ever have. Make a date to watch these grind-house movies with friends and the hilarity shall ensue. You’ll thank me later.

The Zombie Mafia’s music reflects the joined sentiments of punk rock camaraderie and campy horror movies beautifully. Prepare yourself to get made and “join the family.

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