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Say Hi

By Kacy Raby

Say Hi (link)  is an indie rock band from Seattle, WA consisting of only one member, Eric Elbogen, who writes and records all of the music in his home studio and is later joined on stage by friends to help him perform the songs to their fullest extent. Earlier this year, Say Hi released its eighth studio album, Endless Wonder, on Barsuk Records. The record is full of that minimalistic, indie goodness that we’ve come to rely on from Say Hi. blackonthecanvas was lucky enough to have a short interview via e-mail with Eric and get his insight on the new record, a peek into his personality, and his thoughts on the future. Here’s what he had to say:

say hi


I recently listened to your latest album and must say that I’m repeatedly impressed by your use of minimalism in your music. It’s hard to pull that off well. What was your favorite song to record on “Endless Wonder”?

Eric: I guess I do my best not to think in terms of individual songs when I’m making a record, it’s more about making a cohesive collection. The 10 songs on Endless Wonder were narrowed down from almost 100 songs, so those 10 are my favorite!

You’ve been making music for this project for almost thirteen years now. What could you describe as the biggest difference to you – as a musician – from when you released Discosadness in 2002, to now?

Eric: I have a lot more grey in my beard! Other than that, I’m the same: trying to fake my way through sounding coherent on a dozen different instruments.

Being a musician who’s had his work in films, television, commercials, etc., what is one of your favorite film soundtracks? What is your favorite film and why?

Eric: I don’t really like soundtracks, to tell you the truth. I’d take a proper album over a soundtrack any day. That said, I like a lot of the music in the original Ghostbusters.

What is your favorite band or artist that you’ve ever toured or shared the stage with?

Eric: I toured as part of David Bazan’s band and currently tour as part of Telekinesis. Doing that sort of thing is ton of fun for me.

If you could choose five people (alive or dead, famous or not) to have dinner with, who would they be? Would they all get along or would they cause a scene in the restaurant, forcing you to pretend to have left the oven on at home so you could rush away?

Eric: Am I allowed to eat alone? I don’t like other people distracting me from my delicious dinner!

Out of all the places you’ve traveled over the years, where have you had the most unique or memorable meal?

Eric: I’m always sucker for Momofuko ( link) in New York City.

What inspires you the most in this world?

Eric: Inspiration isn’t something I seek out. Imagination is far more interesting!

What are you goals for 2015?

Eric: To be awesome. To write better stand-up comedy!

Make sure to check out Say Hi’s latest album, Endless Wonder, available at his website (link) and at Barsuk Records (link) and stay tuned for updates here at blackonthecanvas!

Photo Credit: Jenny Jimenez

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