New Hands – "Strange Attractor"

New Hands -“Strange Attractor” 

By T.J. Tillman

Rising band New Hands (link)  just released a new track last week called “Strange Attractor”. Written by Ben Munoz and Spence Newell, this track features a mix of modern electronic beats and 80’s new wave sounds, incorporating a hypnotizing keyboard track and pulsing drum beats. I was highly impressed by the vocals in this song as well; deep, melodic, and perfectly paired with the dark and romantic theme.
New Hands describes their music as “for late nights”, which is cool and totally makes sense because this track is very laid back and soothing, providing a sense of relaxation for your day. It’s a must-listen, telling a story with a clean, deep and chilling vocals, while sustaining the calmness and depth at the same time.

Click on the link below to hear the New Hands track and to check out some of their other music as well.

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