Sit Kitty Sit

Sit Kitty Sit

By Veronica Kirk

Hailing from San Francisco, Sit Kitty Sit (link)are a back-to-basics rock duo that carry a whole new sound to the table. Made up of members Kat Downs (piano/vocals) and Mike Thompson (drums), right from the start it will be noticeable that there is not a guitar or bass in ear’s way. Don’t let this scare you though. The sound they create is hard, noteworthy and brings Rock n’ Roll to a different level that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The result is their latest release titled “Everlasting Fire,” which is based off of Dante’s Inferno. “Everlasting Fire” spreads across seven genres on their glorious third release with 15 guest artists in tow. The group are currently sharing their latest video for the hard-hitting “Birmingham,” that would put the Dresden Dolls to shame.

They draw inspiration from such acts as Fiona Apple, Dresden Dolls and King Crimson, while creating a sound that borders on pop/prog which adds something truly special to the mix. Sit Kitty Sit are also known for their intense live performances that ooze energy and vibrancy. They seem to accomplish more with two people than most bands do with five.

Sit Kitty Sit is definitely a band to watch into the New Year. They are also on a tour covering the United States and beyond which lasts throughout the holiday season.

Sit Kitty Sit “Birmingham”

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