Jay Soul recalls 90s nostalgia with a hefty dose of RnB and Nu-Soul

Jay Soul 

By Veronica Kirk

Jay Soul (linkis a groundbreaking new artist that calls South London home. Soul recalls 90s nostalgia with a hefty dose of RnB and Nu-Soul mixed in, to build a foundation of a sound to call his own. Soul is also an accomplished artist to boot already. His earlier career saw him singing in gospel choirs, and playing back up singer for established UK acts, before taking the reigns of his own career.

Most recently, Jay Soul has released his album, Stay With Me, and has been breaking new ground within the genre. One of the standout pieces on the album is “Stay With Me,” a sultry single that sets the tone for the record and what Soul is trying to accomplish. Each song on the album exemplifies an emotional feeling of strength, while teetering on lines of situations he cannot control. Jay Soul sings about universal truths such as love, loss, pleasure and pain, which paints a scene in each song. His voice floats through the clouds, with his tone being a flowing breeze of ecstasy. For influences Soul recalls classics such as Stevie Wonder and Brian McKnight, and also cites more contemporary artists like Beyonce. This adds a sense of pop to the sound of his production, though at the same time he remains true to form and neglects any use of auto-tune vocals and over-produced beats. This is a rarity in pop culture today. Jay Soul is a true artist at heart, and in your headphones.

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