Lindsay Mac

Lindsay Mac

By Veronica Kirk

Lindsay Mac (link) is an up-and-coming artist who proves that the power of music is unstoppable. Formerly a classically trained folk musician, an accident left Mac unable to play the necessary instruments that she desired. Lindsay decided to take the world into her own hands, and changed direction drastically for her new single, “Remember.” This is a complete 180 degree turn for Mac, as she strips herself of her folk roots and takes on a new adventure with a pop explosion.

Inspired by such influential and current artists like Katy Perry, Mac is out to make a name for herself with a sugary sweet sound. Mac’s debut album under her pop venture will be titled “Animal Again,” and it will be released in the coming months after the New Year. Mac’s story is quite inspirational as it shows an artist rising from a struggle, to create something different and beautiful; to not stop her from her dreams.

Music certainly lives in Lindsay Mac’s blood. Her work as a folk artist gained her critical acclaim, and her latest work with “Remember,” proves to the world she is an artist that can rule the world no matter what genre she touches. The song is witty, smart, and confident, which hopefully will carry throughout the entire upcoming record.

Obviously, folk and pop are at two different sides of the musical spectrum, but Lindsay Mac is able to carry both sounds and make them her own. Animal Again already seems like an uplifting and powerful album, which will be highly anticipated for 2015.

Lindsay Mac “Remember”

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