By Elli Ray

Picture this: Bright, flashing neon lights. Giant speakers surrounding a bustling crowd, pumping energy through the body of bodies that seems to resemble a giant squirming  dragon, as they dance and thrash and mosh to the high energy music that is fed to them. A DJ stands behind them observing the scene, smiling discreetly to himself. This is the dragon handler. This is DJ Paper Diamond (link).

Born Alexander Botwin, Paper Diamond is an EDM artist who’s electric mixes can’t help but to awaken the beast in every crowd. An ex-bassist from the dance music group Pnuma Trio, Diamond started his own label called Elm and Oak in 2004, in Boulder, Colorado, and never looked back. He started his solo career as an independent DJ, first appearing under the name “Alex B” between 2004 and 2011, then later changing to the provocative pseudonym “Paper Diamond”.

Paper Diamond released his fist album “Levitate” in 2011, and played the Coachella music festival in 2012 and the Electric Zoo Festival in June and August of that same year. He is currently on tour promoting his new album/mix called “Diplo – Revolution, the Paper Diamond Remix”.
So be a part of the dragon that is his following and go see Paper Diamond live.

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