The Great Work "Yellow Diamond"

The Great Work “Yellow Diamond”

By Veronica Kirk

The Great Work  (link) are launching into the New Year with the latest release in their singles series, which have been taking the music world by storm. “Yellow Diamond,” is their newest track that is starting to make the rounds, and there is a good reason why. The group pens honest lyrics in conjunction with heavy instrumentation, which will certainly become a fan favorite. The Great Work bring guitar rock back to the realm with intricate and focused playing. The rhythm section is prominent, with a heavy dose of bass and drums that bring the song to life. Singer Mitchell Young’s vocal work is on-point, portraying words that are not only insightful, but pulls at the heartstrings.

The new single is the follow up to the attention-getter,“Medicate the Babies Awake,” which was released late last Fall. “Yellow Diamond,” helps to carry the torch with ecstatic and lustful hooks, and Young’s one-of-a-kind vocals. Their intricate guitar work and rhythm section come together to blend something that is truly unique and catches your ear. Their emphasis on melody creates an alluring soundscape that proves to be dreamy and dark all at once.

The Great Work hail from San Francisco, calling the suburb of Antioch as home. Forming in late 2013, the group is proudly made up of frontman Mitchell Young, guitarists Jacob Broughton and AJ Manalaysay, bassist Matt Rush and drummer Will Jenkins.

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