Clones of Clones is One of a Kind

Clones of Clones is One of a Kind

By Elli Ray

It’s an awkward situation when your band named “Three Months to Live” has to play a gig at a cancer benefit. Naturally, you’re left with two options: change the band’s name, or cancel the gig altogether. Clones of Clones (link) chose the latter.

“We wrote down 100+ names and voted on them. The criteria was that it had to be completely original and it had to be easy to search for. We liked the meaning behind this one too; it basically emphasizes that there’s no such thing as completely original music anymore. Everything written today is a Clone of a Clone. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a statement about the evolution of popular music” says Ben Payes of Clones of Clones.

Clones of Clones was started by Ben Payes and Nick Scialli while the duo was in college. “Nick and I met in our freshman year of college; he lived down the hall from me. We met Brian through a former guitarist, and we met Todd through Brian when said former guitarist quit a couple years ago.” Ben says of Nick, and the two later additions Brian Abbott (the drummer) and Todd Evans (the synth-switch/guitar guy).

When asked about his prior and current influences, Nick had a lot to say: “The Beatles helped me develop my passion for rock music. 90s alternative rock bands like STP, RHCP, Weezer, Blink(182) made me want to be in bands throughout high school, college, and post college. Today, the songwriting is influenced by a lot of indie rock like Modest Mouse, Alt-J, Local Natives, The Helio Sequence.”

This creates a perfect soundtrack for anybody who may be going through a crappy breakup, or is maybe just kind of pissed at the world. Their songs have a sass in the harmonies and middle fingers in their melodies that are unique to Clones of Clones, as exhibited on their track “I don’t need your love”.

I asked whether or not they would be releasing a full length album, in addition to their already released EP’s. Ben answered, “We’ll be releasing an album in the first quarter of 2015. We plan on touring after that to support it”.
Right on. Their fans look forward to it.

You can listen to all of Clones of Clones songs on SoundCloud, and they are available for purchase on Itunes.

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