Fractal Control

Fractal Control

By Veronica Kirk

Fractal Control is an artist that had captivated me instantly with a hard-rock display that is accessible yet intricately unique. The moniker of Youngstown, OH native, Mike Louttit, his political standpoints breathe life through smoldering guitars. His debut recording Disconnection Equals Freedom is on the scene now winning over fans of indie as well as those who tend to like their music on the heavier side. Young in age but seemingly advanced in years of musical talent, Fractal Control accomplishes an array of instrumental thoughts. This is evident in his new single. “Starved for Change.”

Throughout the record Fractal Control takes the stance on corrupt financial systems within history, war and its repercussions, and more. He manages to display these emotions using his intricate guitar playing to emote his instrumental voice. Calling upon influences such as Animals as Leaders, Scale the Summit and Buckethead, Loutitt combines these forces to create a guitar heavy record that is drowning in emotion.

Louttit has been honing his guitar skills since the age of 8. Later on he took up the drums, which eventually allowed him to become his own one-man band. Without having to rely on anyone else’s time schedule or commitment, Fractal Control was born. Fractal Control’s Disconnection Equals Freedom is truly a labor of love. Layers of instrumental textures are embraced, leading this instrumental Rock God into the future.

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