BØRNS – House Among the Trees, Birds and Bees


By Tyler Wilkins

Growing up in rural Michigan, Garrett Borns was destined to go his own way with his poetic musical talent. Something bigger was calling him, perhaps from the inside, as he stared out at Lake Michigan from his piano teacher’s rickety and old wooden lake house. So, he moved on. First to New York and then to LA, all the while his music evolved to the sweet, poetic, dreamy trip that is captivated by songs such as “Electric Love” and “Seeing Stars”. Borns adopted a minimalistic lifestyle upon his move to LA, literally living in a tree house, among the birds and bees. The peace and tranquility of nature seemed to bring out his inner child, and so it reflected in his music. And that brings us to today, as Black on the Canvas had the honor of interviewing BØRNS about his music and much more!



So, you grew up in rural Michigan. Did the secluded setting have an early influence on or perhaps promote your creative passion?

I suppose it did. If you give a kid a lake and a forest he’ll either become an artist or a hunter. Luckily the only weapon I was given was a paintbrush.

You used to entertain your parents’ guests and family members with your improvised songs and melodies. Did you know early-on that your talent was something special?

All I knew was that it made me happy to entertain. Being good or bad at it wasn’t even a thought. The best part of being a kid is doing what you love before any self-criticism sets in.

What bands or artists were main source of influence for you growing up? 

I remember my grandmother constantly playing Elvis Presley records and videos of him performing. Nothing like the King for inspiration.

You just released your first single, “10,000 Emerald Pools”, in October of last year, and then more recently, your first EP “Candy”. Can you talk us through the production of your first professional releases?

The EP was recorded in Los Angeles with my good friends Jack Kennedy (10,000 Emerald Pools) and Tommy English (Electric Love, Past Lives, Seeing Stars). It was inspired by a mix of retro-psychedelic sounds and shiny futuristic ones.

You also have an interest in film making. Do you plan on applying this to your music with a music video perhaps?

I was planning on going to film school before music took over. It will definitely play a role in my future media.

How do you like your minimalistic life in LA after living in NYC? How is life in your tree house?

I was living in New York with a suitcase and guitar, flew to Los Angeles, happened upon a tree abode and adopted a very minimal lifestyle. It made me think, cook, write and sing differently.

If you could work with any artist in the world, who would it be?

Jon Brion.

What’s next for you in terms of any upcoming releases or tours?

Touring all of March across the US with Misterwives. I’m very excited to get on the road.

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