Chick Quest

Chick Quest

By Joe Crawley

Chick Quest  (a truly transparent band name) have mashed together some tight indie riffs, interesting vocals and most importantly, spaghetti western samples (think Ennio Morricone meets The Wave Pictures). The end result makes for a fascinating album that draws from a palette close to my heart.

The album opens with an upbeat, garage rock number that exhibits an incredible trumpet solo lifted from, god only knows what cinematic masterpiece. Track two, Girl on Fire, utilises some emotional brass section swells to great effect. The song has a snappy beat, danceable chorus, and catchy vocals.
The rest of the album continues along the same concept. Well chosen snippets of stardust from the silver screen are carefully spliced and diced on top of some solid song writing, making for an entertaining listen all round.

If, like me, Spaghetti Westerns were a staple part of your father and son bonding time, and you still burn with the desire to saddle up and ride out to a life on the range, coupled with an unhealthy appetite for anything rock n roll, then this Austrian indie rock outfit will definitely be of interest to the. Especially if you are a fan of early 2000s British indie rock like Franz Ferdinand.


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