Gilded Age – A Beautiful Simplistic Vibe

Lotus – Gilded Age

By Elli Ray

Though lyrically deprived, the song is still incredibly beautiful. You can see why the band calls themselves Lotus, named after the flower in ancient Greek mythology that caused it’s consumers to sleep in an apathetic trance. The sweet melody of a more transcendental time will leave you swaying to a steady drum beat laced with gripping guitar riffs.

This is not the first time Lotus has dropped a beautiful single from an equally great album.

Lotus was formed in Indiana at the turn of the new millennium. It’s current members are Mike Rempel, Jesse Miller, Mike Greenfield, Luke Miller, and Chuck Morris. They were originally regarded as a “jam-band”, but adopted a few different styles of rock, funk, and jazz, and lately adding bits of progressive rock to their music.

Lotus is known for their live shows that include mega sick multicolored lights that flash in wild patterns. Also, their set list varies for basically every show. Most of their concerts are recorded and posted online for free download, which is cool. if you, like most people, like free music.
So go buy Lotus’s “Gilded Age”, and join the island of the Lotus Eaters.

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