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By Serenat Kivilcim

Sekuoia is an electronic project from 21 year old Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen who hails from Copenhagen, Denmark.  He has performed in highly acclaimed music festivals such as Roskilde, Amsterdam Dance Event, and Reeperbahn Festival.

In recent years, Sekuoia has certainly asserted himself in the electronic music scene with his gripping sound, beautifully bridging ambient, hip hop, and electronica. Black on the Canvas chatted with Sekuoia about his musical endeavors, upcoming concerts, and more.



What inspired the name Sekuoia?

Sekuoia: Well, basically the name started kind of randomly. My parents have a big collection of fridge magnets from various national parks in America. So when I was at home having to come up with a name for the project, I spotted the Sequoia national park magnet, and thought it sounded nice, but I also wanted it to be unique, so I just misspelled to make it googleable. In hindsight, the name really fits my project. My music has elements of nature and as a person I’m also tall and have red hair, sort of like the trees 😉

What is the story behind your track “Waves”?

Sekuoia: Waves started out by me playing around on my Spanish guitar, and singing a bit random stuff along the way. The recording I made formed the foundation for waves. Since that recording I wrote my first proper lyrics for a track, and added the various layers to the track. It came out really band-like, and was a really interesting but also difficult track for me to make.

Do you want to focus your music abroad more intensively or is Denmark your main focus at this point?

Sekuoia: I definitely want it to reach as many countries as possible, and really have the world as focus. Just yesterday I headlined in Bratislava, and there were as many, or even more people than there would be in a show in Denmark.

Was it difficult breaking through? What did you feel was the hardest part and what has been easy for you while developing Sekuoia?

Sekuoia: Not really. I think I never thought of breaking through with Sekuoia, But it has definitely become bigger than I imagined, so this is probably the hardest part for me. I sort of feel there is a pressure now, and people expecting a certain thing from me, compared to writing stuff prior. But I try as hard as possible just to ignore what people expect, and be selfish.

How was your performance at Roskilde?

Beyond words. I cant really remember that much, I was really blown away by the atmosphere and how many people enjoyed the show. Still one of my most memorable concerts.

What is Sekuoia doing in his free time?

I play Fifa, hang out with my friends and girlfriend, fly with my drone and watch Americas next top model.

What kind of sound can we expect from Reset Heart, your upcoming EP in 2015?

It is has warm sound. I think the tracks have a lot of atmosphere and a low fi vibe in them. I think the ep also has more of a live vibe in it than anything I’ve done before, which is a result of me touring a lot this year.

Any tour plans for 2015?

Yep. I’m currently in Switzerland, were I will be playing some shows, and there will be lot’s of shows in Europe throughout this year.

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