Nina Yasmineh

Nina Yasmineh

By Megan Conner

Minnesota-native, Nina Yasmineh, may be an up-and-coming artist in Brooklyn, but her newest EP is the third release from this songstress. Nina has a soulful voice that draws you in and makes you want to listen all day long. The title track from her newest EP, Dark Heart, shows off her earthy vocals while transferring her emotions through the song lyrics. You can feel the heartache in this song as if it were your own. The angsty, love-driven lyrics paired with the electronic-pop sound is an interesting twist on tradition love songs. Nina’s music, especially the Dark Heart EP, is the perfect soundtrack to any rainy day. While Nina Yasmineh has her own unique sound, her vibe is slightly reminiscent of Banks. The singer/songwriter recently put her own spin on the ODEZA song, Say My Name, featuring Zyra by posting her cover on Soundcloud. Shortly after releasing the cover, Nina received praise from Zyra via Twitter saying how lovely it was. With shows all around NYC, Nina is definitely on the path to bigger things.

You can find her music on her Soundcloud:

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