A is for Atom

A is for Atom 

By Brooke Magalis

Brooklyn-based A is for Atom delivers a thought-provoking take on contemporary soft rock in the sophomore attempt, Song For You EP. While the album is heavily laden with acoustic guitar and primarily introspective, thoughtful lyrics, Mike Cykoski, the man behind the moniker, did not shy away from the use of electronic components. There is an interesting juxtaposition that exists in the album that we’re seeing more and more of these days: classical elements stuck right up against electronic elements, a concept that makes for some interesting textures and turn-arounds.

a is for atom

Let’s talk instrumentation for a moment, shall we? In the title track, “A Song For You,” the listener is exposed to a tasty, funk-esque bass line: the backbone that supports the singer’s lament. Much to my personal delight, there is no shortage of funky bass riffs throughout the rest of the album either. The singer melodically meanders over an often intricate, staccato guitar part. And on that note (pun intended, too obvious?), perhaps it is warranted that we talk about some of the guitar tones. At the end of “A Song For You,” there is a solo that is bound to catch anyone’s ear, if solely for the interesting envelope. The song sounds contemplative to begin with, add to that a guitar solo that sounds as if it is being played under water, and you’ve got yourself a song that sounds just like introspection. Cykoski’s goal is accomplished. Throughout the album, we get a consistently bright acoustic guitar, and often reflective, moving piano parts, which ultimately provide a subtle complexity to the texture of the music. Cykoski is doing it right with A is for Atom – he is exploiting his strengths. Smart guy. Don’t forget to keep up with him on Twitter (@AisforAtom).

You can stream his tracks on SoundCloud and purchase them on iTunes.

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