An Interview with Bigott


By Serenat Kivilcim

Bigott is a mysterious, yet musically gifted guy, who owns his peculiarity with a certain swagger, complete with a lush beard to accompany an impressive set of eccentric dance moves, while his unconventional lyrics offer a refreshing break from the monotony of the modern music scene. Bigott recently spoke to Black on the Canvas about his latest album, eccentric videos, his favorite release of the year and more.



Hey Bigott, What have you been up to lately?

Bigott: I’ve been touring with “pavement tree” and making new songs for the new álbum, most of the time at the rehearsal studio, I almost live there.

I’ve always wondered what state of mind you are in when you write songs such as “I’m little Retard” and “She is my Man”. Great songs, but very unconventional.

Bigott In my state, quo… I really don’t think about this, just write and play, and play and write. songs are what they are, they come to me, or I go to hunt them, but I don’t do nothing special.

One of your older tracks “Cannibal dinner” (one of my favorites) has an engrossing video. Who did you work with while creating the video? What inspired the project?

Bigott: The video is inspired in “the perfect human” a short film from Jorgen Leth 1967. I worked with friends from my city.

Do you have any interesting stories from writing and recording your latest album, Pavement pavement treeTree, which was recorded last summer? In your press release, it says that it has been the most personal and introspective experience of your career. What makes this album more special than your other 6 albums?

Bigott: More than interesting stories to tell, it was an interesting thing to live. This album was made by surprise, I didn’t expected to record it as soon as I did, I found myself playing an composing every hour of the day, every day; I usually don’t care what I’m doing, I’m happy anyway, but at this point of my live I feel the need of search for songs in a stronger and deliberate way.

During this album, you worked with American musician and composer Jeremy Jay. What was it like working with him?

Very good feeling, exhausting,but marvelous.

What’s your favorite release of the year so far?

Bigott: The memories- hot afternoon

What other artists from Spain should we keep a look out for?

Bigott: I don’t listen to spanish music, so I can’t suggest any to you

You played at a couple of festivals in the States back in 2012. Do you have any plans for a North American tour?

Bigott I would love to come back, but my manager has redesigned my invasion strategy. I hope to come back soon!

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