Interview with irresponsible

Interview with  irresponsible

By Jetta Jane

‘I’ll Have What I’m Having’ is about to drop, and as their 3rd album in 7 years the band ‘irresponsible‘ is anything but! Ryan Paladino the 29 year old front-man and Buffalo native fills the room with his magnetic energy as he spends his pre-show time mingling with fans, visiting family, and sitting down for an interview with me.

“Music is the answer to everything.” he tells me when I ask him what role music plays in his life. Music has the potential to be anything, for anyone. I can’t help but be mesmerized as his musings continue on, and with in-depth thought describe the nature of time, space, and music. His theories fascinating, and full of the same level of enthusiasm that he seems to prescribe to all aspects of his life. He values hard work and is passionate about traveling the world, learning different cultures and languages, which just adds to his mystique and natural ability to flow thru a crowd charming person after person.

But the real magic starts when he joins his other two band members on stage. Their set list includes a mixture of their own songs as well as covers of ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Blur’. (Waahoo!) And for extra individuality they even have special guests playing with them on certain songs. While it’s hard to peg them down to one genre, their sound has a mix of Reggae, Ska, and Rock with a certain unique flair accentuated by Ryans distinct vocals. I can hear the influential tones of such bands as ‘311’, so I am genuinely surprised when I ask Ryan if they could share the stage with any band in the industry who would it be and his answer is ‘Foo Fighters’. He also tells me how much they would love to play a big music festival such as Tennessee’s famed Bonnaroo. And with ‘irresponsible’s’ endless energy, that seemingly drives into the crowd with all the propulsion of a rave I believe that is exactly where they are destined to be.

As we wrap up the interview with a pre-show drink; toasting both the night’s release of their new album ‘I’ll Have What I’m Having’, and my own 34th birthday, I can feel the audience already starting to come alive, seeming to almost vibrate in anticipation.

I ask Ryan one final question. “Of all the venues you have played at which was your favorite?” He responds with a sly grin, “Jammin Java”, and heads off to mount that very same stage once again.

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