Beth Hart: Writing Brings Me Closer To God

Q&A Session with Beth Hart and live performance with her guitarist Joe Nichols at The GRAMMY Museum- 6-3-2015

By Harriet Kaplan

The accomplished GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Beth Hart gave it her all at a recent Q&A session conducted by Scott Goldman and during an intimate and impassioned live performance at The GRAMMY Museum. Goldman asked a number of great, in-depth questions that gave the sold-out audience insight into her colorful, rich background. The questions centered around discovering music for the first time as a small child, the influences that shaped her as artistry in her teens from blues, jazz, soul to rock and even heavy metal, her songwriting process, all-star collaborations with Jeff Beck, Slash Joe Bonamassa and her documented struggles with addiction and bi-polar disorder. Hart was charismatic, open, honest, funny, ballsy and vulnerable. She was very candid and forthright sharing stories and telling anecdotes about her tumultuous, eventful life. The sometimes rocky path and journey she has taken has resulted in serious repercussions affecting her personally, creatively, and as a result, professionally.

Beth Hart

Today she has triumphed over adversity and continues to evolve and grow as artist finding inspiration and tapping into her “joy” as a source. Promoting and touring in support in her latest album, Better Than Home, Hart said the album title was a metaphor for performing every night on the road and playing to the fans out there. She described them as her family and a community where the participation felt like give and take process because “we are doing it together.” The same could be said when Hart got behind the piano and poured out all her expressive emotions in songs. The audience cheered, yelled, called out her name and gave several standing ovations. She was not alone on stage. Guitarist Joe Nichols, a longtime member of her full-band, accompanied her. Hart jokingly laughed, “He must be the most relaxed person to work with me for 15 years!” From the powerful and highly charged to more poignant and nuanced, Hart is an incredibly versatile and expressive singer/songwriter with a voice that has an earthy rasp-tinged quality to it. Hart is also fluid pianist. The set’s highlights, autobiographical in nature, included  “Leave The Light On,” “Spirit of God,” “St. Theresa,” Trouble” and “Mechanical Heart.”

Photos by Rebecca Sapp

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