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By Serenat Kivilcim

Luis Clara Gomes aka Moullinex is a musician, producer and remixer from Lisbon, Portugal. Having worked with numerous established acts such as Royksopp and Two Door Cinema Club, his reputation follows him as one of the most respected and talented artists in the business. He released his second studio album, “Elsewhere”, on May 18 via Discotexas, and doesn’t plan to stop there. Incorporating hints of soul, funk, and Brazilian music with an electric feel, Moullinex will take you dancing for the night, no cover charge necessary! So, check him out and feel his music run through you with a tingle.



Can you tell us a bit about how Luis Clara Gomes became Moullinex?

Moullinex: It’s the moment when you give a name to something that makes it official, right? I did a couple of remixes and edits just to play on my own sets and people started asking for them, so I had to name it something. Moullinex came up because it sounded like a French brand of electric appliances. You know, French electronics…

Tell us about your musical background. Were you exposed to a musically rich childhood?

Moullinex: Yes, indeed! Though I didn’t have any musical training, I used to attend a lot of theatre plays and music shows with my parents. I liked to sneak into the backstage (and under the stage in theatre!) and watch the show from the perspective of the people running it, and this fascination stayed with me until this day.

How would you describe your sound with 3 words?

Moullinex: Vibrant? Honest? Fun.

What albums have influenced you personally?

Ahh, so many. I’ll always give you a different answer if you ask me that question again. The backbone has always been soul, funk, prog and Brazilian music. From Stevie Wonder to Herbie Hancock, over to Chico Buarque and Pink Floyd.

Your latest video for “Take a Chance” is pretty remarkable. If I’m not mistaken, this is your second time collaborating with Silvio Teixeira… Who came up with the concept?

This was Silvio’s dream, actually – we just literally made it come true for a music video!

How was the creating/recording process of your new album ‘Elsewhere‘? 

Moullinex: This is a very intimate album, I think. All the composing was all done in a week or so, in a family house in a very remote area of Portugal, where there isn’t even cellphone reception. I think you can tell in the music that it all comes from the same time and place. It’s a picture of the world as I see it, and though I didn’t philosophize much around its concept, it’s mean to be a bit of provocation of dogmas around what “pop music” and “dance music” should sound like.

Are you still living in Munich? If so, what do you think of the electronic music scene there?

Moullinex: I’m back to Lisbon nowadays. Munich has a quite vibrant music scene, with labels like Public Possession, Permanent Vacation, and Gomma all putting it on the map when it comes to independent electronic music.

Let’s talk about your own record label Discotexas? How did it come about? What artists have been signed thus far?

Moullinex: Discotexas came out of need, really… Xinobi, myself, and other friends started running parties under that name, and the time came to put out each other’s music, as no one else would, haha – it’s very much like that still, and even though we have a “professional” operation going, we try to not take ourselves too seriously.

What are three essential items that you must take with you on tour?

Moullinex: A book, earplugs, and loads of gaffer tape.

Do you have any upcoming concerts? Are you planning on blessing the States with your musical gift?

Moullinex: I don’t know about “musical gift” but yes, we are planning to tour the US and we’ll have news very very soon!


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