Laura Marling- “Short Movie”

Laura Marling- “Short Movie”

By Nic Sanderson

British folk singer-songwriter Laura Marling takes on a more electric, high-energy direction on her fifth album, “Short Movie” than on her acclaimed 2013 record, “Once I was an Eagle”. As she self-produces for the first time, she arranges strings and electric guitar into swirling, freely-circulating sonic atmospheres that induce claustrophobia in the climaxes of some songs, such as “I Feel Your Love”, which finally culminates with the line, “Please let me go,” and elation in other songs like the eponymous “Short Movie”.

Marling sings with an attitude of assurance that leads me to feel that she’s just telling me like it is. In “Strange”, the rhythmically-based semi-spoken verses express tense aphorisms like, “no one wants to be alone”. The choruses transcend this with briefly animated and tuneful peaks that demonstrate her vocal resourcefulness and varied capabilities. Throughout the album, the luscious melodicism of her voice is supported by its strength and solidity.

In the album’s first single, “False Hope”, Marling’s clean electric guitar dictates a firm rhythm progressively accompanied by a smooth convergence of bass and drums, all of which rise into a euphorically expressive chorus. “Short Movie”, released March 23, is packed with these instances of dynamism that rise into euphoria and reflect the sensation of altering and developing mental states.

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