Speaker in Reverse

Speaker in Reverse

By Coral Rowley

San Diego is no stranger to good music. From classics like Tom Waits, who worked as a doorman before releasing his first album to renowned bands like Blink 182 and Stone Temple Pilots. The trail of music icons goes all the way back to the 1960’s, but one of the city’s newest claims to fame, Speaker in Reverse, takes it to a new level. The band first emerged in 2014 with their single “Holy Girl” which lives up to its name. Since their debut, they’ve released two other singles, including 2014’s “Natural” and their latest, “Emerge.”

This is not your average trio or quartet. Speaker in Reverse is made up of six members, all with their own sound to add: founder Itai Faierman, Sara Schairer, Jeff Grasmick, Mason Farnsworth, Rick Newton and Shae Moseley. These individuals contribute anything from vocals and percussions to a pedal steel guitar and a Wurlitzer. And it is obvious very early in the song on all of the different components that make it up. The music alone is multifaceted; having many different sounds that might not work but does perfectly. No one voice or beat stands above the others, it all intertwines together into one consistent sound. “Emerge” has a rich, deep beat which is mixed with Faierman’s easygoing yet playful voice to create a myriad of sound that is unmistakable.

But even with all of the complexities of it, it is remarkably easy to listen to. From the moment you press play, you can’t help but tap your foot along with it. And it won’t be long until you find yourself pressing play again. Without a doubt, the song in its entirety has a beginning, middle, and end. Just like a favorite book; worn around the edges and well loved.

The lyrics are simple, but relatable in a way that could fit into someone’s life without too much trouble. Some of the lyrics, such as “You’re a wave caught in the sea, cause we all need nothing, for you and me, we all need something more” are so highly quotable, you can find yourself singing for the rest of the day. “Emerge” is the epitome of contradiction. It has elements of hard and soft; loud and quiet that sweep together to create an exceptionally well made song.

Author: blackonthecanvas

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