Jonesin’ and the Hurt

Jonesin’ and the Hurt

By Coral Rowley

Jonesin’ and the Hurt is a four man band that are quite literally fresh out of Toronto, Ontario. If this band were a person, they would hardly be able to stand on two feet, but still possess the ability to wail away on a guitar. The band formed back in August of 2014, making them just shy of a year together. But, unlike many bands, this is not obvious by listening to their music. They put out their first album, Why Not in February of 2015. While the rhymes are unassuming, it sounds like anything other than a freshman album. It sounds like practice, and a passion for music that is both uncommon and difficult to reproduce.

The song “Concerta” off of Why Not gives a feeling that many of us have had before. It has the feeling of making regrettable decisions after a long night of one too many.  The feeling of being drunk, both on vodka sprites, and missing someone you desperately wanted to forget about. That is a feeling that, while universal, not many people want to talk about. But here is a band that is not afraid to put it into words, slap some music to it, and put their regrets out for the world to see. That takes the type of bravery that is not often seen in music of today. Songs that are not afraid to rip your heart out and show it to you.

The band is made up of four members: \Ralph Clarke, Evan Chladny, Cam Fraser and Stan White who demonstrate the ability to take many different genres of music and fuse them together to one singular sound. You could describe them as folk, or as indie, or as garage rock, but they are not any one of these. They are a combination of them all, rocking out in a way that pairs with a true lust for the music itself.

One thing is apparent; the band is dedicated to their abilities and is really just getting started. If this album tells anything of the future, it would be to keep a careful eye on these boys because it only gets bigger and better from here. And considering everything, you have to ask yourself, why not?

Author: blackonthecanvas

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